Skill: Programming

Reynir Örn Bachmann Guðmundsson

A data nerd by day and a computer geek by night. But always a family guy and a nerd. Would you like to know more?
  • IT Operations
  • Gamifications
  • Datawarehouse
  • Programming
  • Databases
  • Data Engineering
  • Fencing
  • Stoicism
  • RPG
  • Gaming

James Tomasino

  • Programming

Kevin Johnson

  • Programming
  • bettor
  • Player

Jon Magnusson

  • Programming

Makena Kamau

  • Programming
  • HTML
  • social media
  • css

Alice Coles

  • Programming
  • dancing

Sandra Brown

Hi, Sandra here. I am a web developer. Living in the United States. Coding is my favorite thing to do. CSS position property includes values multiple values such as static, relative, fixed, absolute or sticky.To learn CSS positioning property visit
  • Programming
  • web deveopment
  • web designing
  • css layouts
  • css layout position property
  • web optimization
  • Blogging

James rise

  • software
  • Technical tips and answers
  • Support
  • Programming

Brian Morris

  • Programming
  • coding

Benny Olson

  • Programming

Tom Price

  • Management
  • Programming
  • coding

Will Slots

Marlena Mal?g, Minister Rodziny, Pracy i Polityki Spo?ecznej twierdzi, ?e najbardziej po??dan? form? wsparcia w Polsce jest zwolnienie z op?acania sk?adek na ubezpieczenia spo?eczne (ZUS). Rz?d Polski wyp?aci? jak dot?d ponad 5 miliardów z?otych w ram
  • Programming

Billie Graves

  • developing
  • coding
  • Programming

Einar Árnason

  • Programming
  • Music Composition
  • videography
  • Electronics

Júlía Oddsdóttir

  • Programming
  • Roller Derby
  • Cycling

Kaska Paluch

Musicologist, journalist and a tour guide. As a journalist, she has 15 years of experience working in the largest Polish print and online media. Certified running coach. Sky runner. In Iceland for 4 years, fascinated by its geology, nature - especially volcanoes.
  • journalism
  • Programming

hina husain

  • Programming

Owen Byrd

  • Programming
  • Development

John BB

  • software
  • Programming

Ásþór Björnsson

  • Programming
  • entrepreneur

maria verde-muniesa

MA Architecture Sustainability and Artist. Not necessarily in that order ;).
  • Art
  • Programming
  • architecture
  • Sustainability
  • Engineering
  • urbanism
  • research

Hannes Hannesson

  • Programming

Feel Centered

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  • Programming

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