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Endatafl eftir Samuel Beckett í Tjarnarbíó

Demantar skína skærar í réttri umgjörð.
77% Funded
63% Completed
€3,090 Pledged
24 hours to go

Red Barnett - breiðskífa / Debut Album

Composer Haraldur V. Sveinbjörnsson introduces his solo project.
110% Funded
71% Completed
€3,302 Pledged
48 hours to go


Snakkverksmiðja í sveitinni
83% Funded
81% Completed
€8,335 Pledged
3 days to go


Documentary TV series
27% Funded
50% Completed
€1,776 Pledged
4 days to go

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Nordic projects

We are building two flea market web services

Siivouspäivä, Cleaning Day, is a Finnish social innovation. With the aid of a map-based web…
33% Funded
Check out the project on mesenaatti.me

TAUKO: turning textile waste into beauty

Finnish eco-fashion label TAUKO will start to recycle German waste textiles!
29% Funded
Check out the project on mesenaatti.me

Cirkus42 debut album 'Tigerbrand'

Support a unique production of Finnish musical interpretations of Nils Ferlin’s poetry in Cirkus42’s…
46% Funded
Check out the project on mesenaatti.me

Make music, not war

East-Ukrainian Myortvye Grushi continues making strange rock despite the falling bombs and granades.…
6% Funded
Check out the project on mesenaatti.me

Nordic projects


Gunnlaugur Ragnarsson
  • financial management
  • Startups
  • bookkeeping
  • strategy planing
Lara Stefansdottir
  • educator
  • art photographer
Steinþór Rafn Matthíasson
  • Product Design
  • Layout
  • Illustration
  • graphic design
Brynjólfur Ólason
  • Editing and publishing
  • CSS
  • literature
  • magazine design
Lauga Oskarsdottir
  • Beatboxing
  • Content Marketing
  • International Trade
Arnar Sigurdsson
  • Web development
  • Fencing
  • Spanish
  • Cinematography
Sveinn Davíðsson
  • Art Direction
  • UI Design
  • Branding
  • Typography
Sólveig Þórarinsdóttir
  • Jógakennari…
  • Bókaútgefandi
  • Fjármál
Jónína Guðbjörg
  • Modelling
  • Editing
  • acting
  • Cinematography
Fríða Ísberg
  • Ritstjórnarnemi
Zdenek Patak
  • Handy man
  • Typography


Sound engineer

We are looking for somebody who can mix and master the music
I'm interested!

Used sound equipment

The older the better as we are trying to create a Vintage style and sound for Studio Silo!
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