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Lára Rúnars - ÞEL

Lára Rúnars dreamy album Þel is ready. You can help Lára to release it for the whole world to hear. You can help by choosing a treat here on the right side.
104% Funded
40% Completed
€5,195 Pledged
11 hours to go

Heart Beat

Heartbeat and nature sounds used to record Bergljót Arnalds' debut album
81% Funded
37% Completed
€2,438 Pledged
35 hours to go

Formula Offroad 2015: Iceland

A six episode motorsport season
29% Funded
0% Completed
€5,729 Pledged
35 hours to go

Eitthvað illt á leiðinni er

Hrollvekjur eftir yngstu rithöfunda landsins.
100% Funded
66% Completed
€3,000 Pledged
35 hours to go

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Nordic projects

New Run - Pekka Hyysalo

New Run is a documentary about former Finnish freestyle skier Pekka Hyysalo finding a new way of life…
17% Funded
Check out the project on mesenaatti.me

COSMOS CAPOEIRA - Cultural Center for the children of Rio de Janeiro

Let's build together a cultural center in Rio de Janeiro and help talented children to get out…
5% Funded
Check out the project on mesenaatti.me

The world deserves to hear about Pimp My Booty!

Help us make the new Pimp My Booty gift service happen! The product has been tested in Finland, and…
38% Funded
Check out the project on mesenaatti.me

TAUKO: turning textile waste into beauty

Finnish eco-fashion label TAUKO will start to recycle German waste textiles!
104% Funded
Check out the project on mesenaatti.me

Nordic projects


Leifur Gunnarsson
  • doublebass
  • composition
Raluca Grada-Emandi
  • Costume design
  • Set design
Agnes Löve
  • Skólastjóri
  • Píanóleikari
  • Tónlistarmaður
Fjóla Dögg Sverrisdóttir
  • Planning
  • Business
  • creative
Johann Smari Karlsson
  • on location photography
  • hugmyndari
  • ljósmyndari
  • artistic photographer
Marteinn Jonsson
  • Philosophy
  • Radio production
  • Organizing
  • Coaching
Davið Óskarsson
  • Set design
  • Camera
  • On set effects
  • Stage design
Olivia Fogel
  • learning
  • expedition planning
Gisli Dua
  • Mikkels friend
  • Survival expert


Sound engineer

We are looking for somebody who can mix and master the music
I'm interested!

Used sound equipment

The older the better as we are trying to create a Vintage style and sound for Studio Silo!
I'm interested!

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