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Leiðin okkar á EM 2016

Söguleg mynd sem verður að veruleika með þínum…
15% Funded
0% Completed
€5,828 Pledged
5 days to go

Introducing Icelandic design in China

Solo exhibition at the Chinese - Euopean Art Center
75% Funded
50% Completed
€7,536 Pledged
7 days to go


A unique piece of Icelandic theatre brought to London!
56% Funded
40% Completed
€561 Pledged
14 days to go

Vísur um blóm og stjörnur

Ljóð um stórt og smátt sem fyrir ber…
19% Funded
0% Completed
€526 Pledged
15 days to go

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Nordic projects


MINIWINTHER is a new and revolutionary family trademark of Norwegian design.
1% Funded
Check out the project on bidra.no


Europe's new ski portal! Help us create the "tripadvisor-like" site that is cust…
0% Funded
Check out the project on booomerang.dk

Film musical Icebreaker

Film musical Icebreaker (Jäänmurtaja) breaks taboos and goes deep into the real life of womanhood.
0% Funded
Check out the project on mesenaatti.me

Sustainability! - And making an effort for others

This project will contribute to less consume, more reuse, and more social contact between people who…
2% Funded
Check out the project on bidra.no

More Nordic


Ása Berglind Hjálmarsdóttr
  • Music workshop
  • Project Management
  • Trumpet player
Ýr Þrastardóttir
  • Fashion drawing
  • Pattern making
  • Illustraition
  • Production
Finnur Þ. Gunnþórsson
  • draga fram hæfileika…
  • public speaking
Magnús Halldórsson
  • Startup
  • Photojournalism
  • Media work
Margret Jonsdottir
  • Námskeið
  • Gallery
  • Art Teaching
  • Rekstur á…
Elías Hjálmarsson
  • stage-art
  • expression
  • film-making
  • movie
Max Naylor
  • Linguistics
  • Retail
  • Íslenska
  • Hospitality
Árni Kristjánsson
  • Directing
  • theatre
  • Radio
  • Theater
Jack Daniels
  • photgrapher
  • Human
Hjalmtyr Heiðdal
  • Documentary films


Sound engineer

We are looking for somebody who can mix and master the music
I'm interested!

Used sound equipment

The older the better as we are trying to create a Vintage style and sound for Studio Silo!
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