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Endatafl eftir Samuel Beckett í Tjarnarbíó

Demantar skína skærar í réttri umgjörð.
60% Funded
63% Completed
€2,380 Pledged
3 days to go

Red Barnett - breiðskífa / Debut Album

Composer Haraldur V. Sveinbjörnsson introduces his solo project.
102% Funded
28% Completed
€3,057 Pledged
4 days to go


Snakkverksmiðja í sveitinni
65% Funded
78% Completed
€6,535 Pledged
5 days to go


Documentary TV series
27% Funded
50% Completed
€1,776 Pledged
6 days to go

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Nordic projects

We are building two flea market web services

Siivouspäivä, Cleaning Day, is a Finnish social innovation. With the aid of a map-based web…
28% Funded
Check out the project on mesenaatti.me

TAUKO: turning textile waste into beauty

Finnish eco-fashion label TAUKO will start to recycle German waste textiles!
28% Funded
Check out the project on mesenaatti.me

Cirkus42 debut album 'Tigerbrand'

Support a unique production of Finnish musical interpretations of Nils Ferlin’s poetry in Cirkus42’s…
46% Funded
Check out the project on mesenaatti.me

Make music, not war

East-Ukrainian Myortvye Grushi continues making strange rock despite the falling bombs and granades.…
6% Funded
Check out the project on mesenaatti.me

Nordic projects


Hannes Agnarsson
  • Digital marketing
Brandur Karlsson
  • Mouth painter
  • Reader of Books
  • organizer
Admin Dev Team
  • crowd funding
  • skill sharing
  • Social Media
Hildur Arna Gunnarsdóttir
  • multi tasker
  • útimarkaðssérfræðingur
  • Planning
Hrafnkell Einarsson
  • Lifskúnstner
Ása Berglind Hjálmarsdóttr
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Trumpet player
  • Music workshop
Hallur Guðmundsson
  • peoples person
  • Bass player
Hjalti Sveinsson
  • Vocalist
  • Director and Producer
  • Creative Director
Ástvaldur Traustason
  • Accordeon Player
  • Piano Player
  • Choral Conductor
  • Music Arranger
Larissa Kyzer
  • editorial
  • Social Media
  • Basic .html
  • cultural and critical…


Sound engineer

We are looking for somebody who can mix and master the music
I'm interested!

Used sound equipment

The older the better as we are trying to create a Vintage style and sound for Studio Silo!
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