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Undirbúningsnámskeið á videoformi fyrir…
21% Funded
0% Completed
€316 Pledged
6 days to go

Eilíf Umbreyting

Bók eftir Gerði Erlu Tómasdóttur um…
2% Funded
0% Completed
€112 Pledged
7 days to go


A birdtastic family game
138% Funded
60% Completed
€8,250 Pledged
10 days to go
53% Funded
25% Completed
€2,121 Pledged
11 days to go

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Nordic projects

WeTaskit - Local talent on tap

The rise of unemployment due to the inflexibility of the labor market in Finland demanded a better solution.…
40% Funded
Check out the project oninvesdor.com

New York Marathon for Ups&Downs Hordaland (Norway)

I'm running New York Marathon 2016 to help raise money and awareness for Ups&Downs Hordaland
91% Funded
Check out the project onbidra.no

Global leadership

Author, philologist and artist Birgitte Bang has during the last 2 years written…
0% Funded
Check out the project onbooomerang.dk

EnergyNest - enable clean energy now

Renewable energy has challenges. The sun doesn't always shine and the wind doesn't always…
52% Funded
Check out the project oninvesdor.com

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Veigar Þormar
  • Filmmaking, screenwriting,…
Ragnar Þorsteinsson
  • Outdoors Photography
  • lamb
  • modeling
  • Brainstormer
Einar Bergmundur
  • Maps
  • iOS
  • Databases
  • Python
Magdalena Hansen
  • Yogateacher
Hermann Ottósson
  • Presentation skills
  • Financial Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Critical Thingking
Inés Gowland
  • Cinematographer
Bara Heiða
  • Songwriter
Valdís Ösp Jónsdóttir
  • Resourcefulness
  • Motivating
  • Scout leader
  • Parenting


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