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A collection of short stories with no words
77% Funded
33% Completed
€3,708 Pledged
5 days to go

Hjalti and Lára

release their second album..
73% Funded
53% Completed
€2,203 Pledged
6 days to go

Emmsjé Gauti - Vagg og Velta vinyl

Frá nælum til snekkjutónleika
72% Funded
0% Completed
€2,172 Pledged
8 days to go

Impact Iceland 2016

A conference providing today's answers to tomorrow's…
7% Funded
53% Completed
€1,601 Pledged
9 days to go

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Nordic projects

SoloSister to the South Pole

In November 2016, I will ski to the South Pole and aim to be the first Swedish women to attempt this…
18% Funded
Check out the project on bidra.no

Diversity LP

"Sannerud" who? "Diversity" huh? Sannerud is my artist/middle name and i am a yo…
77% Funded
Check out the project on booomerang.dk

Tonje Lundqvist is going to OL in RIO 2016

Tonje Lundqvist is a handicap rider, and with no job the economics is HARD. Help her getting money for…
28% Funded
Check out the project on bidra.no

Art Sculpture Jupiter:

Art Sculpture Jupiter - the artists personal pitch The sculpture Jupiter shall b…
0% Funded
Check out the project on booomerang.dk

More Nordic


Þorsteinn Magnússon
  • Guitar player
  • Songwriting
Thelma Marín Jónsdóttir
  • Electronic Musician…
Ingibjörg Azima
  • Composer, musician.
Rafael Merino
  • Natural Resources…
  • Corporate Finance
Bjorgvin Gudjonsson
  • Art Direction
  • Illustrations
Jon Heidar Thorsteinsson
  • public relations
  • Blogging
Jóhanna Kristín Jónsdóttir
  • Culture Management
  • communicating
  • creative
  • choir
IVF Coaching
  • Infertility Counseling
  • Healthcare
  • IVF
Aron Trausti
  • Adapting
Karítas Gunnarsdóttir
  • drawing
  • Digital Art
  • Illustration


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