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Eldfjallalist - Volcanic Art documentary

A cup of coffee and a VOLCANO, is there a connection?
26% Funded
66% Completed
€1,682 Pledged
48 hours to go

Þú kemst þinn veg

Einlæg leiksýning um geðklofann og lífið
75% Funded
42% Completed
€2,463 Pledged
3 days to go

A & E Sounds — LP

Debut album on 180 gr. vinyl
78% Funded
42% Completed
€2,727 Pledged
7 days to go

Hin hálu þrep

Sjálfsævisaga eftir Bjarna Bernharð Bjarnason
16% Funded
37% Completed
€341 Pledged
11 days to go

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Nordic projects

Samba à Venda! O Legado de Moacir CD/digital download

The collective Samba à Venda! is seeking for funding to cover the mastering and pressing costs…
19% Funded
Check out the project on mesenaatti.me

Make music, not war

East-Ukrainian Myortvye Grushi continues making strange rock despite the falling bombs and granades.…
5% Funded
Check out the project on mesenaatti.me

Children's book about endangered seals

Saippa, the Saimaa ringed seal’ is a wonderful children's book on the endangered ringed seal.…
2% Funded
Check out the project on mesenaatti.me

Yksin – sotaelokuva

Yksin on sotatraumoja käsittelevä elokuva. Selviytymistarina yksin vihollisen keskelle jääneestä…
2% Funded
Check out the project on mesenaatti.me

Nordic projects


Ástvaldur Traustason
  • Music Arranger
  • Piano Player
  • Jazz Musician
  • Choral Conductor
Hugo Poge
  • Product Developer,…
Tommy Henry
  • photography
  • Drums/Percussion
LÚR Festival
  • Artistic
  • LengstÚtíRassgati
  • relaxed
  • fun
Ragnheiður (Ragga) Eiríksdóttir
  • brainstorming
  • speaker
  • multilingual
  • knitwear design
eva ingolf
  • Violin
Brandur Karlsson
  • Reader of Books
  • Mouth painter
  • organizer
Alexander Zaklynsky
  • Painter
  • Sculptor
  • Idea Maker


Sound engineer

We are looking for somebody who can mix and master the music
I'm interested!

Used sound equipment

The older the better as we are trying to create a Vintage style and sound for Studio Silo!
I'm interested!

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