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Poetry book
91% Funded
40% Completed
€1,367 Pledged
8 days to go

Sá sem flýr undan dýri

A book, where the so-called Gudmundar and Geirfinnsmál…
53% Funded
75% Completed
€3,736 Pledged
9 days to go

SÖLVA Chocolates

Please help us to create our delicious, organic, fair trade…
52% Funded
60% Completed
€3,884 Pledged
10 days to go

My hero, Ella Dís

I need your help to be able to print the story about my late…
2% Funded
0% Completed
€251 Pledged
20 days to go

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Nordic projects

Heat Experience heated apparel

Are you tired of freezing? Heat Experience is a new startup company from Norway and we`re going to keep…
21% Funded
Check out the project on bidra.no

CrossFit competition in Denmark

Dear reader. I qualified for CrossFit competition 'Wodstock Copenhagen 2016'. Th…
110% Funded
Check out the project on booomerang.dk

Mino Music Norway first record!

Mino is a Norwegian singer, pianist, composer and producer. His music is in the landscape of soul, urban,…
21% Funded
Check out the project on bidra.no

BrainShare Startup - your online knowledge collective

BrainShare's mission is to democratise knowledge by  making it available to as m…
0% Funded
Check out the project on booomerang.dk

More Nordic


Hafthor Reynisson
  • Flavours
  • consulting
  • Salt
  • Chef
Olivia Fogel
  • learning
  • expedition planning
eva ingolf
  • Violin
Mari Seilskjær
  • Advocacy
  • climate law
  • Refugee Law
Elvar Guðmundsson
  • Vökva
  • Velta
  • Vagga
Guffa Kristins
  • animal lover
  • Meðlimur í…
  • Hönnuður
  • Hundamanneskja
Þorsteinn Magnússon
  • Guitar player
  • Songwriting
Greta Salóme
  • artist, violin,…
Magnus R. Einarsson
  • textasmiður
  • Gítarleikari
  • Söngvari
  • lagasmiður
Árni Kristjánsson
  • Photography
  • Beatmaking
  • Rapping
Barði Guðmundsson
  • Screen Writer
Jón Ingi Stefánsson
  • Front-End Development


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