How it works

Anyone with a great idea for a creative project can post his idea on the Karolina Fund platform. Project creators can promote their projects through the platform in text, pictures, to do lists and/or videos.

Each project has a funding goal and a specific time limit set by the creator. In return for pledges to projects, creators offer rewards. If people like a project and/or the rewards offered they pledge to the project by authorizing a transaction on their credit cards. If the funding goal is reached or exceeded the cards are charged to the creator when the funding time expires. However if the funding goal is not reached before the time limit runs out no money changes hands and no funds are awarded to the creator.

Fees and charges

  • If a project is successfully funded Karolina Fund deducts a 8,5% success fee from total funds collected.
  • Credit card transaction fees also apply, which are covered by the creator. The payment transaction fees are charged from the receiver of the payment (the creator).
  • If the project is not successfully funded no pledges will be charged.

    Creator responsibility

    Project creators are solely responsible for finishing their projects and distributing the rewards. Karolina Fund can not guarantee that projects will be carried out as promised.

    Please see the user agreement or get in touch if you have any questions.

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