About us

Karolina Fund is a place where ideas meet money and talent

We launched our platform in October of 2012 and have been in continious innovation ever since, finding new ways to serve the creative community. How the platform works.

How are we doing?

We measure out success by new ways we discover to make creative projects happen. One thing that helps us is analytics, on our front page we publish key metrics and you can see live pledge statistics as well as users information.

The team

We are a crowd. We come from film making, business, marketing, art, stock brokering, law and many other directions. We are Ingi Rafn Sigurðsson, Danijel Planinc, Jónmundur Gíslason, Sævar Ólafsson, Arnar Sigurðsson, Brynjólfur Einar Sigmarsson, Lárus Lúðvíksson, Þórarinn Jóhannsson, Irina Domurath, Julia Boira, Lauga Óskarsdóttir, Rafa Merino, Halla Ólafsdóttir, Hjördís Erna Sigurðardóttir, Maryna Harbal.

The company

We are a founding member of the Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance.

Karolina Fund's office is based at The Innovation Centre Hellirinn, Laugarvegi 105, 105 Reykjavík, Iceland. Get in touch here: contact@karolinafund.com.

Our official numbers are: VSK 111464 Kt 460712-1570

Special thanks to our supporters

The Icelandic Centre for Research
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