Skill: painting

Fríða Bergsdóttir

  • bókhald
  • painting

Jakob Jonsson

  • painting
  • guiding

Sesselía Ólafs

  • Acting
  • Directing
  • painting
  • Screenwriting
  • performance
  • Storytelling
  • Writer (Film)
  • Social Networking

michelle bird

Founder of FLUXUS Design Tribe. Visual and Social artist.
  • connecting makers and ideas
  • painting
  • creative production
  • blindpainting
  • feetpainting

christin Emeany

I am a graduated writer, with more than 8 years of experience in essay writing, assignment assistance,composing and others. I like to spend my time with online assignment help websites and I like it pretty much.
  • painting
  • progromming

Tór Jógvan Isaksen

I am happy (sometimes) and very creative! If you have a job that pays very good, cold hard cash im interessed.
  • Coo of Havsalt
  • painting
  • Singing (Opera)

Bishop Verma

  • painting

Karólína Baldvinsdóttir

Kaktus member
  • painting
  • installation artist
  • collaboration artist

Genco Demirer

  • Independent Production Designer
  • painting
  • Directing

Aashima Sharma

  • painting

Tröels Sigurðsson

Hej, Jeg hedder Tröels, blanda af Íslending og Dana ásamt öðru, heimsborgari, ljósmyndari og listhöfundur með fleiru.
  • Video
  • Producing
  • painting

Lilý Erla Adamsdóttir

I make furry paintings and lively drawings. I use tufting gun and pens, amongst few other things. Sometimes I write poems. Everyday I draw, all days I draw. MA Textiles, Borås Sweden BA Iceland University of the Arts
  • Textiles
  • Drawing
  • painting

Àsgeir Òskarsson

  • Singing
  • painting

Colin Randall

I am, a professional blogger at BB Painting. I have a keen interest in topics related to painting and gib fixers, shopfitters. My specific area of expertise, though which I effectively convert leads into closed customers.
  • painting

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