Petra Bender

  • Textile Print Designer

Aldís Pálsdóttir

Ljósmyndari | P*aldis -
  • Art Direktor
  • Mother of two
  • Creativ
  • Birth
  • editorial
  • books
  • Magic

Jón Egill Hafsteinsson

I'm Jón and I am the HR & PR manager at Bad Melody.
  • Leadership
  • human resources
  • funny

Thelma Jóhannesdóttir

  • Naglafræðingur
  • Nail Technician
  • funny
  • focused
  • Pattern Design
  • coloring
  • Concept Design
  • determined
  • patient
  • happy
  • proficient
  • outgoing
  • hard working

Atagata x Arnar Ásgeirsson

A jersey tracksuit by Atagata with the art of Arnar Ásgeirsson. Red sweater and white pants with silk screen prints of the ouroboros.
  • performance

Kyeyune Hakim Abramz

  • Soccer
  • basketball
  • Music producer
  • dancing

Leather Gaze is a well trusted online fashion leather company store where men and women both will get authentic quality leather clothing at discount price.
  • leather fashion
  • Leather wear

Leather Viz a fashion outfit website where men and women both will get stylish leather outfit collection. For More:
  • Leatheroutfits
  • Men Leathers jackets
  • Women leather dress
  • Men Leather Blazers
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  • Leather wear
  • leather fashion

Style Lytical a new name in leather fashion industry. Both men and women will get unique style leather outfits such as leather jacket, women leather blazer, men leather shirt, women leather dress, women leather gown, men leather pants.
  • Women Leather Jumpsuit
  • leather fashion
  • Leather wear
  • Women Leather Skirt
  • Men Leather Blazers
  • Women leather dress
  • Men Leathers jackets
  • Leatheroutfits

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