Welcome to the Space. The Space will bring to life a new concept in creativity. It's a workspace for the digital nomad and content creator looking for a sense of community to inspire and get inspired, invent, craft and co-create. We are based in Reykjavik in one of the coolest locations out there.
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The Space

  • Find and secure the right location for The Space
  • Start the process of furnishing The Space
  • Paint and decorate The Space
  • Acquire Photography Studio equipment
  • Acquire Professional printer to print Fine art prints for the Karolina fund supporters and first clients and visitors at the Space
  • Create Website and social media channels
  • Plans and execute the grand opening
  • Maintain regular opening hours (To begin with 5 days a week but the goal is 7 days a week. from 09:00 until 18:00 (with the goal to 20.00)
  • Design a calendar of events 

Further Information

What's it all About?

Co-working, collaborating, creating

There are increasingly more creatives based in – and visiting — Iceland than ever before. Many choose to work either from a coffeehouse, their home or the hotel they are staying in. These surroundings provide them with basic needs such as a table, access to coffee and wi-fi – but their creative needs remain unfulfilled.

Sometimes working as a freelancer or working "on your own terms" can mean feeling isolated and not in check with the nearest circle, where the majority of people still misunderstand or even underestimate the value of independent work.

We know, we've been there too.

This is where The Space comes in.

Surrounding yourself with other creatives fosters creativity, and The Space wholly embraces this philosophy.

The Space is just that: a space. What you do with with it is to a large extent up to you. Whether you need a cool place to work from, meet other creatives or if you’re cooking up some crispy edits for imminent delivery to a client and need an extra pair of hands, or you just need some strong, tasty coffee. Whatever your creative needs, The Space covers all of the bases.

If this sounds good to you, keep reading!

A Passion Project.

3 individuals, 3 passionate people, 3 widely different perspectives and backgrounds that shaped who we are today. A spirit of collaboration and creating something bigger than us, is what brought us together in this endeavour. A need of space that will make us feel at home, in a creative sense.

Each of the three of us have always been looking for a place where we could spontaneously join a creative community, work on our projects on the go without much of a commitment, but still get the best out of working with others.

The coffee house concept wouldn't cut it in a long run because sometimes you need a place where you can focus, where you can have a phone call with your client without worrying about it or simply, where you dont want to pay $$$ on daily basis just because you love your coffee.

Each of us also travels a lot, and wherever we find ourself we always seek a place we could go to for inspiration and feeling of community, which has the resources we could tap into, if needed. The local dimension also matters because, who better to talk to when travelling in a new place than the locally-based, like-minded creatives?

This is how the Space started, it is a result of our dreams, needs, longing and passion. We want to create a place that we ourselves have been looking for. We know others are looking for it too.

It´s coming, it´s shaping itself right now. It will be The Space.

The Grand Opening.

The Grand opening in June will be the culmination of all our efforts and the collective support to create a place like no other, where anyone can join in and get inspired. Before this happens however, we need to make the physical aspects of the Space functioning well to make sure that we can open the door for all of you creatives out there.
For this reason, we need as much support as we can get to paint, furnish and equip the Space.
We belive in recycling, repurposing and upscaling therefore we do our best to bring old objects back to life, source as much the interior as possible in a responsible way and of course, do most of the job ourself.

Our daily payment structure for the Space is not entirely ready yet, we will work it out as we go, but this reward structure we offer here, will help us plan the best options for everyone.

The Revolving Door.

The Space is the true definition of a multi-use, multi-function venue for all things creative.

The Space must also be spontaneous and flexible, because that is what today's world demands.

The Space will seek constant input of creativity and diversity. Therefore, we place the “revolving door” philosophy at the heart of The Space.

What it means in practice is that, as much as we want to make friends with all creatives visiting The Space, we aim at ensuring a steady flow of ideas, inspiration, experiences and collaboration. This means that no stagnation is allowed.

If you want to become a regular at The Space, we couldn´t be more happy, but interaction with others and a change of settings in the Space will be constant, so that everyone, at any time feels welcomed.

The Revolving door concept also means appreciation of individuality. We want you to work out your schedule as you go and according to your needs. We will try our best to adjust the Space offering to all the different and individual needs as much as we can. Yes, we are just sweet that way :)

The Space for Co-Creation.

The Space will be used in a variety of ways. First and foremost, it will be a co-creating and co-working space to inspire a new generation of creatives. Our target audience; photographers, videographers,developers, writers, bloggers and designers: all types of freelancers and other storytellers.

Local or travelling, the more of us the merrier.

We understand that embarking on a creative lifestyle as a journey might sometimes mean that you are full of ideas but are not exactly sure how to implement them and start earning real money.

It might also mean that you lack the network to help you develop and build your business, or you simply can´t just yet afford all the equipment that could help you elevate your potential.

And even if you have mastered the freelance world already, there is always room to grow. We want to empower you, we want to be your Space to grow.

Part of history making and gentrification.

The future is bright. We like change. We like different.

Choosing the physical location for the Space was no coincidence. The old harbour of Grandi in Reykjavik is an area undergoing a real transformation and we knew we had to be part of that by bringing the Space to Grandi. Fuelling various parts of the city with business, art and creativity is want we want to see, what we want to be a part of, and of course what we want you to be a part of.

The Studio Space, The Print Space,
The Space for Art.

Since two of our founders are professional photographers, The Space will also feature a fully-functioning photography studio which will be available for hire for creative and professional projects. With time, we will gather all the coolest props and professional equipment, so that anyone can find something to fit their needs, or their shoots. We will also gladly serve with advisors or provide hands-on help, when needed.

Watch your digital work come to life before your very eyes at The Space.
In the digital age, we are all too often deprived of that feeling that we have really created something. Printing your own photographs (and other artworks) and holding them in your hands is the ultimate cure for this most modern of afflictions. The Space will have printing services of up to A2 in size, using the latest printing technology and the highest quality paper available. We will furthermore collaborate closely with printing facilities that can print in even larger sizes.

The Space will serve as a permanent and temporary gallery space to showcase the work of creatives as well as those that need a space for their own work. There will always be art on our walls.

The Space for Events

The Space is a place for group inspiration: we will have a calendar filled with events with all sorts of inspirational people talking about their projects, ideas and successes. There’s nothing like being surrounded by positivity to lift you up and propel you forward to take on new challenges and to seize the day!

The Space for Workshops

If working at The Space is not enough for you and you are looking for true adventure, the founders of The Space have got you covered. As photographers based in Iceland, we’re always cooking up something amazing and its not limited to Iceland either, this year we will launch our first trip to Greenland! Once we're launched, check with us for upcoming events.

The Strategy Space

With an ever-increasing number of voices out there, it's essential that your voice is heard, as loud as possible too! Social media is a huge part of that. The founders of the Space will be sharing their social media insights and success stories to help those under our roof and within our walls. We will offer 1-on-1 tutorial sessions tailored to your needs as a creator and business owner.

Why do we need your help?

By pooling resources from a range of people and places, we are much more likely to get this project off the ground and make it the success that we know deep down it can be.

We are a team of 3 young creative entrepreneurs who dare to dream big but don´t have the big financial resources to support those dreams all the way through.

We are also extremely passionate about the beauty of collective effort and the community feeling such projects can engender, therefore the more support we receive the better the Space will become.

What we really want is for you to be part of the equation, meaning we want The Space to be as much your space as ours. We don´t want to invite you to only join in on the adventure, we want you to co-create with us!

We have prepared a range of rewards for you to choose from if you decide to support us on this journey.

Forever grateful,

The Space Founders
Gunnar, Kasia and Joe

Visit our social media platforms to see what we are up to and how The Space is developing!

Gunnar: Icelandic Explorer
https://www.instagram.com/icelandic_explorer/Joe: Joe Shutter
Social media channels:


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In Progress

This project has been successfully funded and is now executing.


raised of €10,000 goal


days to go



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