Ásgeir H Ingólfsson

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Poet / Writer / Journalist / Traveller

I'm Ásgeir and I write stuff. Poetry, journalism or fiction – anything with words.

I've published two volumes of poetry – Grimm ævintýri (e. Grim Fairy Tales) and Framtíðin (The Future). The latter is available both in English and Icelandic.

I've also edited Dr. Bjarki Valtýsson's book Icelandic Cultural Politics (Íslensk menningarpólitík).

I've mostly worked in cultural journalism – focusing on films and literature – but I've also written travel articles, political columns etc. These days I'm freelancing and if you have a journalistic job you need to get done – or any interesting text based work – email me. It's asgeirhi @ gmail.com.

I've also been translating (between Icelandic and English), editing, transcribing and written texts for film festivals.

I have been living between Iceland, the UK and the Czech Republic in the last few of years – lets see where I end up. An assignment that's interesting enough could take me anywhere.

Here is my webpage and below are my social media hangouts.

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