Aldís Dagmar Erlingsdóttir Svarkur

Graphic designer and project manager

  • HTML
  • css
  • project managing
  • event managing
  • Event production
  • Art production
  • Sculpture
  • Installation
  • Video
  • Art Direction

I'm a graphic- & textile designer with a D-level IPMA certification in project management. In the past few years I have worked with and for various art collectives, cultural projects and creative individuals as a graphic designer, art director, project manager and producer.


Fríyrkjan II, poetry, editorial

Fríyrkjan III, poetry, editorial

Listvísi IV, artwork

Exhibitions & artwork

LungA, 2018, sculpture

Secret Solstice, 2016, sculpture

Delta Total, 2015, sculpture, installation

Myrkramessa, 2016, video installation

Myrkramakt, 2015, video installation

Mayhemisphere, 2014, video installation

Graphic design

FALK records, in-house graphic designer

Endahnútar útgáfa, layout, logo

Doorway casting, logo

Byltíngur magazine, 2016-2018, layout

Fríyrkjan II-III, layout


LungA, 2018, art production

Secret Solstice, 2016, art production

YMUR festival, 2015-2016, art direction, project managing

Fríyrkjan II-III, 2015-2017, project managing

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