Jenný Lára Arnórsdóttir

  • Actress

Jenný Lára was raised both in Reykjavík and in a small town called Laugar in the northeast of Iceland. She graduated as an actress and play director from the Kogan Academy of Dramatic Arts in London in 2012 when she moved back to Iceland. Jenny Lara has wasted no time since returning to Iceland. She has been quite prolific, writing, acting and directing constantly for three years.

She founded her own theatre group, Artik, where she directed the Icelandic play, The Perfect Equal by Felix Bergsson and played the role of Sophie in Blink by Phil Porter.

Her most recent work as an actress include the small role of Þórey in Rams, a film by Grímur Hákonarson and the role of Bessie in The Perfect Analysis Given by a Parrot, staged as part of a Tennessee Williams triple bill under the name of Wild at Heart at HTH Arts Centre in London.

Jenný Lára has also been busy creating theatre in the northeast part of Iceland. The most notable projects there are Elska, a play she created from interviews with local couples on the question what is love, and Home Is Where I Lay My Head, a play set in a bus en route from Kópasker to Raufarhöfn over Melrakkaslétta. It is focused on stories relating to work and women in the area throughout the ages.

Her next project is Djúp spor, a play that explores the consequences of DUI and is created from interviews with people who have either caused or lost someone in a DUI related incident.

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