Martin Schulz

Born 1975 in Munich. Landscape photography, mainly Iceland is the key issue of my work.

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Martin Schulz

Born 1975 in Munich, I still live in this beatiful town.
Landscape photography, mainly Iceland is the key issue of my work. Since nine years now I am travelling through this awesome country.

Right from my first trip I was under the spell of this island. I have never experienced so many different landscapes in such a small space. Fire and ice among stinted beauty, endless range, rugged tracks and lovely valleys. Iceland offers all of this. After a tour around the island I came back several times to explore the more hidden parts of the island, far off the beaten tourist tracks from the shore up into the highland interior.

A special experience for me was certainly the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in 2010. While most people were happy to be as far away as possible from the ash cloud of the volcano, I took the next plane to Reykjavik, to see the outbreak with my own eyes. A huge experience where I was able to see the mighty power of our nature. But also the fates of the people who were directly affected by the outbreak have not gone unnoticed. All this has consolidated my relationship with this country so much, that I even started to learn Icelandic in the meantime .

What I could take from my trips is always the great respect that we should have for our nature and the understanding how beautiful our planet is. How small you are as a human being in this surroundings, how hard it is to survive and what a great job has been done by the people who once populated Iceland. All this I try to capture and portray in my pictures. Only a few trips to Namibia, where I worked for a social project with deaf children, brought me far out of the southern borders of Europe in the recent years. Meanwhile, my wife accompanied me on all my travels. She tolerates my photographic excursions with the patience of a saint and supports me actively.

Who am I?

Beside my work as audiologist I maintain the IT infrastructure of a medium-sized enterprise. Since many years I am addicted to nature and photography. For me a perfect way to feel the beauty of our nature in a very impressive way. Im am married since three years to my soulmate. I love heavy-metal music, beer, water and Whisky.


When I first met my friend Jón, running Stuck In Iceland, I was sure that I found the perfect place for my pictures. Right in the middle of the country where they were taken and wich I love so much and it's awesome people!

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