Barbora Fialova

  • Event production
  • connecting people
  • Skiing
  • outdoor education

Hi everybody,

my name is Barbora Fialova, I´m living in Laugarvatn since 2018 and I´m coming from Czech Republic. I have a Master degree in Sports and recreational activities. I´m founder of Planet Laugarvatn. Planet Laugarvatn has an aim to connect locals, foreigners living here, students and kids, summerhouse owners and tourists. We are doing events for the community and next one is our festival in September 2nd and 3th. Friday will be evening game for kids and families. Kids will need to do different tasks at check points around the village, they will need to be brave, creative, persistent, patient, show team work and cooperate with each other. Saturday will be full of activities like wild cooking on the fire, boats will be available on the lake, creative souls will appreciate textil workshop with Gimsteinar and we will finally open door of our base camp Land ljóssins for afternoon coffee. Evening belongs to live music and international tapas night at Eyvindartunga. Two concerts and great food from people from different countries. Sounds like a great zenith of the festival. I hope we will collect enough money to organise the festival and I do appreciate and thank to everybody who will support us and buy a ticket and come for the festival. 

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