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3d imaging with a normal camera   

Now it is possible to take 3D pictures using a normal camera. Kúla Deeper does the magic. 

Kúla Deeper is a device for capturing 3d pictures and videos with a normal camera.  

Kúla Deeper is put on front of a camera lens for taking stereoscopic pictures and videos. They can be experienced in 3D directly on the camera display using a stereo viewer.   

When you've transferred your pictures and videos to the computer, our software Kúlacode can process them and  

transform to any 3d format you like for example anaglyph for red/cyan glasses, side-by-side for stereoviewers and MPO for the 3D televisions and similar devices. 


The project
The prototype is great, the software is running smoothly and now we want to make Deeper available for everyone. Sourcing of components is in place and Deeper is ready for manufacturing. Now we are trying to finance the production cost so please help us, pledge for our project and secure your own copy of Kúla Deeper. 

The project is funded by the Icelandic Technology Development Fund, Impra - Innovation Center Iceland and the Ministry of Welfare; a grant for women entrepreneurs in Iceland.   

What do the pictures and videos look like? This is an example of how a Kúla Deeper image could look like: 

Left eye view is on the left side and vice versa. The image can be processed in Kúlacode and the anaglyph version looks like this:         


Why should I want a Deeper?
Isn't it obvious? It looks good, oh yes it does! 

It is perfect if you'd like to take 3D pictures and videos with the camera you already have and easily switch between normal and 3D photography.  

The device is light and easy to use.  

Deeper is something for you if you want the freedom of choosing by yourself how to enjoy the third dimension; feel the nostalgia of the anaglyph glasses, side-by-side or cross-eyed images or use your brand new 3D television. You can also retrieve the images separately and create something of your own.  

No synchronization problems. One lens, one camera and you can capture high speed movements. 

Hyper stereoscopic. The distance between the mirrors is more than between your eyes, resulting in Deeper images than what you experience in real life.  If only we could show you the 3D outcome in a 2d media you wouldn't hesitate. Kúla Deeper, there is just something to it.  



We have been searching for the right leads for more than a year and we have tested and verified their components. We get invaluable support in the design and production process from one of the biggest companies in Iceland. We have decided to make the first production in Iceland to maximize process control, verify and adjust the manufacturing process. Sourcing of components is completed but there are many leads and there is some risk of delivery. Our goal is to complete the first production before December 2013.   

Lens requirements Kúla Deeper fits lenses of Ø77mm diameter by default and to start with you can choose between Ø52, Ø62, Ø67 and Ø72 mm adapters. Let's see how the funding goes, we might add more adapter sizes into the first production.  It is best if the lens is non-turnable with 18-35mm zoom which is typical for the lens you buy with the camera. 

Return policy

This is the first time Kúla Inventions Ltd. (Kúla) makes a mass production. The sourcing of components is complete, the process is very well planned and prototypes have been tested thoroughly. In this project like in other research and development projects there are several risk factors and we assume the highest risk factor to be the production process as many factories are involved. For example some of the leads might for some reason fail where new leads have to be found causing the production to be delayed. Accordingly Kúla does not promise that the products will be delivered on given time and makes no warranties of the product. You agree you will not seek a refund or other compensation from the company or by reversal or chargeback of your payment for delayed delivery. We will keep you updated on the process and do our best in delivering on time as that benefits all of us.

More information are available on our website 

Many thanks to the fabulous Icelandic music band MÚM for their adorable music:

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3d imaging with SLR cameras