Skill: Yoga Teacher

Elín Signý

  • Dancer
  • Filmmaker
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Choreographer

Hugrún Fjóla Hafsteinsdóttir

Fjóla is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Iceland who delivers the sound current with an angelic, crystalline and soul-moving voice that goes straight to the heart. She weaves her sound to create a deep and heartfelt tapestry of peaceful and loving transformation.
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Multi-instrumentalist
  • Mathematician

Lea Gressier

  • Mom
  • Meditation
  • Joy
  • Playfullness
  • Earth-protector
  • nature lover
  • Chef
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Plant based

Bjarney Hinriksdóttir

I am a graphic designer, a yoga and mindfulness instructor and practitioner, an animal lover, coffee enthusiast and an explorer. I thrive on creativity and have much love and appreciation for my job as a designer. I’m also extremely interested in spiritual growth and well-being.
  • Graphic Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Mindfulness Teacher

Styrmir Gunnarsson

  • Metatronic Breathing Method Facilitator
  • Sound Healing Alchemist
  • Mantra singer
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Nature Guide

Lovísa Kristín Einarsdóttir

  • Yoga Teacher
  • Co-owner

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