Vala Yates

singer / / songwriter / / lyricist / / composer / / and performer
  • Lyricist
  • Performer
  • Classical
  • Pop
  • opera
  • theatre

Alma Rut

  • Backing vocalists
  • Songwriter

Jóhanna Seljan

  • Entertainer
  • Songwriter
  • Singer

Ösp Eldjárn

  • music educator

Hugrún Fjóla Hafsteinsdóttir

Fjóla is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Iceland who delivers the sound current with an angelic, crystalline and soul-moving voice that goes straight to the heart. She weaves her sound to create a deep and heartfelt tapestry of peaceful and loving transformation.
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Multi-instrumentalist
  • Mathematician

Varna Marianne Nielsen

  • traditional drumdancer
  • Contemporary musician
  • body, family and couples therapist

Þorsteinn Eggertsson

  • Author
  • Illustrator

Ingibjörg Fríða Helgadóttir

  • Vocalist
  • Radio and television host
  • Music teacher

Teitur Magnússon

Mr. Magnússon has made a name for himself in Iceland for his lushly produced and pleasingly wonky guitar pop, which comes with plenty of rich and unexpected instrumentation, and interesting psychedelic edges. It’s full of earworm melodies and his plaintive voice has a smooth and reassuring tone.
  • guitarplayer

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