Skill: Design

Þórarinn Jóhannsson

Creative & co-founder of Karolina Fund
  • Front-End Development
  • Design

Halla Kolbeinsdottir

  • Website management
  • project managment
  • art
  • oil painting
  • Design
  • Copy writing

Sigursteinn Sigurðsson

  • architecture
  • Design
  • culture
  • urbanism

Sindri Jóhannsson

Project Manager of Digital Marketing at WOW air
  • Video
  • Design

Ragnar Þorsteinsson

  • lamb
  • Handy man
  • modeling
  • Jew's harp
  • Design

michelle bird

Founder of FLUXUS Design Tribe. Visual and Social artist.
  • connecting makers and ideas
  • painting
  • Design
  • creative production
  • blindpainting
  • feetpainting

nicolas mar

pains-aux-raisins-based life-form.
  • Design

Olga Ósk Ellertsdóttir

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Business strategies
  • art directing
  • Brand management
  • entrepreneurship
  • Design
  • Content Creation
  • consumer behavior
  • Information Technology (IT)

Robert Shelton

I am a highly proactive and passionate person. I enjoy extreme sports activities and journeying. In the past two years I had been employed as a contract graphic artist. I built lots of web pages in many different niche categories.
  • Design

Harry Thompson

Web page design is a wonderful area to do your job in. You have a huge selection of techniques to perform the job and it offers you loads of room for originality. I'm doing work in the field for merely a decade and really get pleasure from everything I do.
  • Design

Magnús Hafþórsson

  • Marketing
  • Design

Árni Sörensen

  • Design
  • Managing

Agnese Blaubarde

(c) Agnese Blaubarde Design Photography - Interior design, Stage design
  • Design
  • interior photography
  • Stage design
  • fashion design
  • scandinavian design

Alda Villiljós

  • baking
  • vegan baking
  • photography
  • Design
  • activism

Geoffrey Stekelenburg

Look, I'm a unicorn!
  • Programming
  • Design
  • QA
  • UIX
  • Data Science

Indro Candi

  • Design

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