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    Following Pétur Örn

    Gudbjartur Finnbjornsson

    Tónleikahaldari með meiru

    Matthías Matthíasson

    Musician in Iceland. Playing as a singer and guitarist in Dúndurfréttir and many other projects

    Hallur Guðmundsson

    Ain't that peculiar?

    Frantisek Borsik

    Marketing & Business consulting, Networking, Helping in Startup Iceland & Social Enterprise Iceland, LinkedIn evangelist…

    Leifur Gunnarsson

    I play the doublebass, and i'm all about making music.

    Ingi Rafn Sigurdsson

    CEO & founder at Karolina Fund

    Guðgeir Arngrímsson

    Film producer with a background in civil engineering and experience in systems administration.

    Kristinn Agnarsson

    Drummer for many artists, incl. John Grant, Ásgeir, Jónas Sig, Megas, Baggalútur and more.

    Pétur Örn's projects

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    100% Completed
    €23,259 Pledged

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    38% Funded
    0% Completed
    €1,504 Pledged
    105% Funded
    100% Completed
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    250% Funded
    100% Completed
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    103% Funded
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    €7,219 Pledged

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