Ási Þórðarson

I'm a drummer, social media nerd and a pretty nice guy.


I'm Ási. I've been involved in music for a long time. These days I'm mainly a drummer but I've studied guitar and clarinet as well. Been having some fun getting into electronic music for some time.

Right now and for the summer I'm currently based in Berlin

My interests are based around music.

Right now I like Talking Heads

Following Ási

Frantisek Borsik

Marketing & Business consulting, Networking, Helping in Startup Iceland & Social Enterprise Iceland, LinkedIn evangelist…

Agnes Jónsdóttir

I'm generally lame, occasionally awesome. Amateur singer, that has a sincere interest in acting.

Ragnheiður Axel

Project manager and event management

Guðgeir Arngrímsson

Film producer with a background in civil engineering and experience in systems administration.

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