Árni Kristjánsson

Musician and art maker from Iceland, currently living in Tokyo, Japan.

Hello and welcome to the jungle,

I'm a DJ/musician/photographer, in that order.

I'm 35 now but I've been DJ-ing since I was around 12 years old. Started out with house music but scrolled through most dance music genres before I hit up on "boogie" (a term for early-80s soul music you can dance to) in around 2006. I make mixes under the title Boogie Mixx which you can find here. I'm a member of DJ crews Nite Flyte and T-FUNK here in Tokyo and I organize my own party with my 2 favorite DJs in Japan, Shacho and DJ KENT, called Boogie in Motion at legendary club The ROOM in Shibuya.

As a musician I have been a producer/beatmaker for Bent & 7berg, and I'm responsible for tracks of ours such as Drykkja and Ma Eg Sparka. After we split up, I continued to make beats, such as for Dori DNA's Þerra Sveitt Enni, but gradually moved away from hip hop to focus on house and my band TZMP (The Zuckakis Mondeyano Project).

Photography has always been a hobby but it got more serious when I discovered film photography and got access to the photo lab at my previous university, Tokyo University of Fine Arts. I learned how to develop film and make my own prints and I've held two solo exhibitions (MYNDIR and Tokyo i Lit in 2012). Currently I am planning a third exhibition of photos from Hawaii, named Hawaii 2 which runs from July 16 until July 22 at gallery201 in Shinagawa, Tokyo.

That's it! Oh, and I like skateboarding and waterboarding.


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Poet and writer, currently living in Frederiksberg, Denmark.

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