Ingimar Bjarni Sverrisson

In 2008 Ingimar decided to try a theatre class at his high school, MH. Seven years later things have clearly gotten out of hand. Not only has he spent time studying theatre in Iceland, London and Kentucky, he is writing about himself in the third person on the internet!

After dabbling in theatre at MH I decided to study American Theatre Arts at Rose Bruford College in London. Yes, I went to England to study American Theatre Arts.

I spent a year in London after graduating the ATA, working as a critic for the wonderful TheatreFullStop team. After a year of various misadventures I returned home to Iceland, with some big plans (and a much lower rent).

Now I'm focusing on getting this wonderful Christmas show together. Aided by a great cast of former schoolmates and several other great people I want to share the Icelandic folk tales and traditions with the guests of this little island.

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Júlíus Valdimarsson

I am a Graphic designer from Iceland.

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