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Nordic projects

FitWood – The New Category of Design Home Fitness Equipment

FitWood makes ecological and sustainable home fitness equipment that fits every home. We aim to be the…
102% Funded
Check out the project oninvesdor.com

Be part of an important message - "Fortitude" Film

The struggle we face from child to growing up,expectations, how they change over time, but still remain.…
102% Funded
Check out the project onbidra.no

Long Island Body & Soul Retreat

Financial support is required for the NEW North Langeland concept and project !.…
0% Funded
Check out the project onbooomerang.dk

Tellybean - Life-sized video calls on TV

Modern life separates families - Tellybean brings them back together in the living room through life-sized…
92% Funded
Check out the project oninvesdor.com

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Nanna Rosalia Sigaard
  • Concept development
  • Illustration
  • Experience Design
Eggert Gunnarsson
  • Videographer
  • Camera man
Halla Jóhannesdóttir
  • choir
  • music student
Íris Stefanía Skúladóttir
  • Creative Productions
Silja Bara Omarsdottir
  • Academic
  • International Relations
  • Political Science
  • Reproductive Rights
Helga Rut Gudmundsdottir
  • Music courses
  • Early childhood…
  • Music Education
Ragna Erlendsdottir
  • Mother
  • hairdresser
  • carer
Norrie Lynch
  • DJ-Radio Presenter
Ruth Ebole
  • Logistic Director
Sigurður Tómas Guðmundsson
  • Trummor
  • Sound Engineer


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