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About us

Karolina Fund is an Icelandic company founded on the 17th of June 2012. is a crowdsourcing and crowdfunding community currently in alpha-stage development. Karolina Fund is not an investment firm, but a social platform, on which creators can obtain funding from the crowd, and others can invest, create, interact and/or offer their services and expertise.

How does the platform work?


Karolina Fund aims to become a next generation crowdsourcing and crowdfunding community that does not only solve funding and employment problems but also addresses lack of trust, transparency, and security in online transactions. The platform will be different and more innovative than existing solutions in that it goes beyond offering access to finance, it will connect crowdfunding and crowdsourcing with effective project management. The user interface is managed through the ProjectDock, an innovative project management tool designed for the effective management, structuring, and development of ideas. All users involved in a project will be able to participate in its realization by contributing to budget estimations, the establishment of to-do lists, and rendering the promised service. Pooling their know-how on the platform in an exciting, game-like feeling, all participants can communicate and work together to make the project a success.

The team

Ingi Rafn Sigurðsson, Jónmundur Gíslason, Sævar Ólafsson, Arnar Sigurðsson, Brynjólfur Einar Sigmarsson, Lárus Lúðvíksson, Þórarinn Jóhannsson, Irina Domurath and Julia Boira.

Karolina Fund office is based in The Innovation Centre Kvosin, Lækjargata 12, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland. vsk 111464 Kt 460712-1570